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UNLIMITED | creative offers inspiring art & creativity workshops & has been a long held dream of mine to develop & encourage people in all things artistic & creative. My studio in Runcton, West Sussex, just south of Chichester, offers a relaxing space to explore & develop your art practice. 

GILLI | artist

For the last few months I’ve been exploring the world of abstracts. Whilst I absolutely love working with colour, I also wanted to work on some monochromatic pieces, the first of which is above. Something to develop!

NEW | Original “Mini Abstracts”   many designs | £35 ea. | £60 pair

Bespoke Pebble Pics  |  from £30 each  | 18 cm square frames

A SNEAK PREVIEW  |  ORIGINAL ARTWORKS  |  to view more see portfolio gallery above

NEW | DAY RETREATS | holistic art | painting & mixed media
Finding time & space for creativity in our modern world is becoming increasingly difficult with the constant stream of stimulation from technology, the media & the demands of stressful work & home environments. However, there is a growing awareness, & well-documented research, about the benefits of spending time engaging in creative activities, & in nature, that helps to alleviate the negative impact of the modern lifestyle.