Gilli | Artist

And welcome to Unlimited Art. I really hope you enjoy browsing through my Portfolio – keep checking as it’s always being updated with new work. If there is anything that takes your fancy just go to the shop or get in touch…

I work from my studio in West Sussex, just south of Chichester that offers a wonderfully relaxing retreat where I can explore & develop my artistic practice. I also run Unlimited Creative, which offers inspiring art & creativity workshops to all who dare to dabble! It’s been a 20 year dream I’ve held with the intention to share, develop & encourage people in all things creative. Take a peek if you fancy ! Click here for details

is a collaboration between myself & RA Artist Joanne Webb. Choose either a 3-Day Retreat that incorporates holistic practices as well as lots of painting & creativity or a day long Soul Painting workshop! For more information, please CLICK HERE

NEW WORK | Seascapes 

Windrush | 61 cms sq. acrylic on box canvas

The Big Blue | 100cms sq. acrylic on box canvas – sold

Water | 40 cms x 28 cms acrylic & MM on box canvas

Stormy Day | 30 cms sq. acrylic on box canvas

RECENT WORK | The White Collection II – The Seasons – sold

Following on from the first White Collection, this is Collection II featuring the four seasons. All paintings are acrylic & highly textured; 20″ square

ON THE EASEL | new work in progress