holistic art | painting & mm

Finding time & space for creativity in our modern world is becoming increasingly difficult with the constant stream of stimulation from technology, the media & the demands of stressful work & home environments. However, there is a growing awareness, & well-documented research, about the benefits of spending time engaging in creative activities, & in nature, that helps to alleviate the negative impact of the modern lifestyle.

NEW | SOUL PAINTING  | holistic art 
A relaxing, yet revealing day long ‘retreat’ designed to help you step out of your comfort zone & connect to your source when painting by working with “Ki” energy. During the day we’ll incorporate gentle meditation & movement together with mindfulness & music. You will learn to let go of attachments & access the flow of energy between the seen & the unseen, connect to source. You will have the opportunity to create in a relaxing & contemplative space, discover wellbeing techniques, plus the transformative benefits music whilst you create ‘Free-flow’ work to find clarity away from the monkey mind. 

Bring your own art materials, dream diaries, sketchbooks, journals, tablets, writings or whatever feels good. You are invited to focus on your creativity in a new & enlightening way. 


Dates: Saturday 23/10 | 20/11 | 15/01
Times: 10am -5pm [pls bring lunch]
Suitable For: all
Cost: £85 for day retreat | £220 for 3 days

NEW | BLANK CANVAS | painting & mixed media 
We are all a complete blank canvas able to create endless possibilities.  So we’ll be exploring & experimenting with new & different ways of making marks & applying paint as well as finding other ways to exercise & expand your creative muscle. You will use acrylics, water-based oils, mixed media & more.

Dates: 6/11 | 4/12 | 8/01
Times: 10am -5pm [please bring lunch]
Suitable For: all
Cost: £75 per workshop or £195 for 3 days
Tutor: Gilli 

Day Workshops Facilitator 

Gilli is a versatile artist with an ability to work in a variety of mediums & styles. Her work dances between the realistic to intuition led, more spiritually based works. A qualified personal development coach, NLP Practitioner & Time Line Therapist, she practices yoga & meditation. Words & music have always been a great inspiration in her work & will often guide or influence the piece. Her teaching methods combine her unique blend of this broad, yet extensive experience.

Background | In 2020 Gilli co-founded a social impact programme called Creative Metta in Chichester, an Arts Council England funded project, that brought art & wellbeing to disadvantaged people. Collaborators on the project included NHS Innovation Primary Care,  Aldingbourne Trust, Pathfinders W.Sussex, My Sister’s House Women’s Centre & Chichester District Council, all of whom were actively involved & supported the project.

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